Terms and Conditions

Skips supplied by EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd are hired under our Terms & Conditions as set out below. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time. Signatures are not required on any documentation as proof of delivery or collection of skips or goods; however, these terms and conditions still apply.

  1. Text messages are automatically sent to all customers. This text message urges customers to read our Terms & Conditions. If you disagree with any of the T&Cs, please request a refund /cancel the skip by calling 01924 637777
  2. The duration of Skip Hire, regardless of size, is 7 calendar days. The duration may be extended at a nominal cost. (this duration restriction does not apply to Trade Customers)
  3. Collection of skips can be booked online or by ringing us. If you require the skip for a longer duration, contact us immediately so we can make the necessary adjustments. Additional hire time is granted discretionally by EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd. Additional hire time charges will apply. Skips are collected at the earliest opportunity. EFR Skips reserves the right to collect a fully loaded skip before the hire period has elapsed.
  4. The hirer” means the person or company requesting the provision of a skip-hire service. EFR Skips will only deal with the hirer as per our records.
  5. Combustion & fires near or in the skip are strictly prohibited. The hirer will be liable for any losses or damages to the skip container (excluding any fair wear & tear), the cost of repairing a skip can be between £800 – £1,000.
  6. Lost, Stolen or Damaged skips are the responsibility of the hirer; the hirer will be liable for the purchase price of the skip. Customers must notify EFR Skips forthwith of any such incidents or accidents involving or damage to the skip(s).
  7. Risk of Damage to Property or Persons: Where the driver is requested or directed to deposit or pick up a skip on or from a site which is off the highway or where delivery otherwise involves the passage of the vehicle over gratings, drains, roads, pavements, forecourts, yards, asphalt areas or any like areas, EFR Skips shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Hirer for any damage howsoever caused whilst the vehicle is off the highway other than as shall be caused by negligent driving on the part of the driver. EFR Skips indemnifies against any claim or demand which could not have occurred had the driver not been so requested or directed. Additionally, the hirer will compensate EFR Skips for any damage to the vehicle or the skip, which would not have occurred had the driver not been requested or directed and is not due to any negligence on the part of the driver. If skips are requested to be placed over garden walls or fences, any damage to the structure on delivery or collection is the responsibility of the Hirer.
  8. Consequential Losses shall not be the liability of EFR Skips (including loss of profits and /or damage to goodwill), economic and other similar losses, special damages, and other direct and indirect losses or for business interruption, loss of business or loss of opportunity. EFR Skips shall use its reasonable commercial endeavours to ensure the equipment arrives when the customer requires delivery. Any approximate times given by us are estimates. EFR Skips shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the equipment howsoever caused. EFR Skips, in any event, is not liable to the customer or be deemed to be in breach of the contract, because of any delays in delivery or collection of skips.
  9. Cancellation of your skip hire can be done by giving us notice at any time before we start incurring any costs, give us at least 24-hour notice. If you cancel an order and have made any payments in advance, we shall refund the amount less any permit charges (as per section 18). EFR Skips may charge the customer for all costs incurred due to a late cancellation, resulting in a wasted journey. The wasted journey charge is dependent on the location of the skip hire to our recycling centre located in Leeds Beeston.
  10. Content of the returning skips is the responsibility of the hirer. The content of these skips becomes the property of EFR Skips.
  11. Food Waste, EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd is not licenced to handle food waste, do not dispose of this type of waste in our skips (bagged or loose), unfortunately, if we receive any skips with food, we have no other options but to return the full skip to the hirer immediately. No refund is applied.
  12. Hazardous waste, as defined by the European Waste Catalogue (Article 114) of the hazardous waste directive (91/689/EC) must not be placed in the skip. Hazardous waste is strictly prohibited. EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd is not licensed to handle hazardous products, if any products are found in the skips, we will return the skip to the sending customer: please DO NOT try to hide these products in the skip as the content of all our skips are segregated in our processing centre, hence having these products in the skips put our workers at grave risk, EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd deems the following products as Hazardous waste: Asbestos, Cement boards, Fuels, Large Batteries, Paints, Gas Cylinders, Powdered substances, Sludge or Liquids, upholstered domestic seating that contains POPs (persistent organic pollutants) [Sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen chairs, dining room chairs, stools, foot stools, home office chairs, futons, bean bags, floor and sofa cushions], the following items are deemed as not having any POPs: items that are not upholstered, for example, a wooden chair without a cushioned or textile back, seat, or arms, deckchairs, wastes from manufacturing new domestic seating that the manufacturer can demonstrate do not to contain POPs.
  13. Controlled waste is accepted by EFR (Wakefield) Ltd, the following waste is accepted at an additional charge, please let us know about these at your earliest convenience and make payment before collection:
  • Mattresses [Single – £10 / Double -£15]
  • Plasterboards – Price according to weight in tonnes (please contact us)
  • Carpets, Underlay & Rugs – Price according to weight in tonnes (please contact us)
  • Carpet Tiles – Price according to weight in tonnes (please contact us)
  • Roof felt/ Bitumen felt/ Playground rubber – Price according to weight in tonnes (please contact us)
  • Large Appliances (excluding fridges) – £10 per appliance
  • Fridge Freezer – £30 Small & £35 Large
  1. Overloading of skips compromises the safety of our drivers and the public who use the roads. The hirer should ensure that the skip is filled, no higher than the top of its sides. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the skip is loaded safely and that the area around the skip is kept safe and tidy. If the skip is overloaded, it is the hirer’s responsibility to correct the situation. EFR Skips’ drivers reserve the right to remove any objects they feel may jeopardize safe transportation. Any extra costs incurred in removing, transporting or disposing of the contents of the skip will be charged to the hirer. EFR Skips reserves the right to decline the collection of overloaded skips. Excess charges are levied in the event of overloading.
  2. Extra-large skips (14 & 16-yard skips) are for light materials, like household clear-out or green waste, Do NOT fill with Soil, Rubble, bricks, large tree stumps or other heavy materials. Heavy materials make the skip too heavy, making it impossible for the equipment to load the skip safely back on the trucks.
  3. Garden waste typically includes leaves, flowers, grass, weeds, tree bark and branches; but excludes treated wood and tree stumps (more than 50cm in diameter).
  4. Payment terms for non-account holders are always pre-payment before delivery or cash on delivery. Account holders pay according to agreed terms. (Subject to written Agreement by EFR Skips (Wakefield) Ltd)
  5. A permit (issued by the respective Local Authority) is required to place skips on the public highway, footpaths and verges. Permits are arranged on your behalf by EFR Skips. Charges vary with different local authorities but are usually £36 for an initial 2-week period. Skip Hire permits are non-refundable.
  6. Public Safety: It is the responsibility of the customer & EFR Skips to ensure the skip is lit at all times at night, as per traffic regulations. EFR Skips will provide light beacons and or traffic cones to assist with this.
  7. Email copies of Transfer Notes, Proof of Delivery and Invoices can be requested by ringing us or emailing the office at info@efrskips.com

If you require any further clarification on any of our terms & condition, please call us on 01924 63 77 77 during working hours.